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 Rules To All Around Anime/Manga

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PostSubject: Rules To All Around Anime/Manga   Sun Feb 08, 2009 2:05 pm

1)No out-of-subject nonsense Razz

2)No language over PG-13 Exclamation

3)No mature content Shocked

4)No malicious pornography Evil or Very Mad

5)No racist act upon others Mad

6)No advertising for another website Suspect

7)No disrespecting the Admins, Moders, and other Membs Like a Star @ heaven

8)Have lots of fun with your friends geek

9) No bullying, name calling, or threatening anyone Sad

10) Please don't SPAM on any other threads EXCEPT the SPAM thread @

11) When posting a character, you MUST include a picture of that character bounce

12) Remember NOT to tell anyone your Password to anyone. study

13) Admins won't change your information, even though they have access to your information. cyclops

Anyone who is doing any of these requirements will result a warning. If result in a second time with any of these requirements will be BANNED for how long from this forum. No If's, And's, or But's!!! affraid
But if you broken the malicious pornography rule will be BANNED immediately and have his/her account deleted afterwords.
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Rules To All Around Anime/Manga
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