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 To The Guest Of All Around Anime/Manga

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~Anbu Crimson Flare~
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PostSubject: To The Guest Of All Around Anime/Manga   Sat Jun 20, 2009 11:28 am

If you read this information, this is from me: ~Anbu Crimson Flare~ Leader and Creator of this forum.

To whom may be seeing this forum for their first or many times over, I want to say welcome to All Around Anime/Manga. My name is ~Anbu Crimson Flare~ Leader. Owner, and Creator of this forum. I see that you might experience this forum as much as I do. If you like this forum, please join and enjoy making friends. If you do join, please tell your friends to join as well. But if you dislike it, please disregard this and move on to the other websites you always like to be in. Don't fret and don't be scared. I, the lead Administrator, am very friendly, and nice. But you always have to read the rules and FAQ in order to continue to be here, as a member. But i must warn you new members of this forum, one false broken rule(s) will result a warning. The second time will result a ban of the amount of rules being broken. But if broken the MA rating and/or pornography rule will result a permanent ban and your account will be deleted with no If's, And's, or But's. (No Pun Required)

Thank You

~Anbu Crimson Flare~
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To The Guest Of All Around Anime/Manga
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