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 The Dark Tournaments

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PostSubject: The Dark Tournaments   The Dark Tournaments Icon_minitimeSat May 16, 2009 3:32 pm


People around the world suffered a great devastation of wild creatures from another world, coming towards their children. Every animal has possessed a special kind of power for each person to control. Now, all of the chosen ones have a way to become the Superior Master.

In the Dark Tournaments.

Main Characters
The Dark Tournaments 78def10c27d16b58b03bdc1caa8cfb7b1224059855_full
The Dark Tournaments A729268235c7b333a065f68dea4d50d51227148794_full
The Dark Tournaments C0c01a7667c4b0_full

The Dark Tournaments 2j2f8g0
The Dark Tournaments B34aadde7e4b30_full
The Dark Tournaments 14990d1c7d0650_full

The Dark Tournaments B29379e9463fb0_full
The Dark Tournaments 2553603394_f5409c0848
The Dark Tournaments Animegirl34hd
The Dark Tournaments Hot-anime

The Dark Tournaments F98122fb969ebac2baca014289aaab721224059506_full
The Dark Tournaments 606263-561151_anime19_super_super
The Dark Tournaments A85dbe26616ec0_full

Main Characters Creature Spirit
Note That Some Are Real Pictures, I Can't Find Any Anime Ones D:

Black Dragon
The Dark Tournaments 20916-bigthumbnail
The Dark Tournaments 69780-bigthumbnail
The Dark Tournaments Doginukirj7

White Tiger
The Dark Tournaments Byakko_tiger_west
The Dark Tournaments How-to-draw-a-mongoose
The Dark Tournaments Robin01

The Dark Tournaments 18_Cellar_Snake
The Dark Tournaments 33989-bigthumbnail
The Dark Tournaments Tiger
The Dark Tournaments 48403-bigthumbnail

Black Phoenix
The Dark Tournaments Phoenix
Black Lion
The Dark Tournaments African-lion-closeup
Black Gorilla
The Dark Tournaments Gorilla

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PostSubject: Re: The Dark Tournaments   The Dark Tournaments Icon_minitimeSat May 16, 2009 4:42 pm

Chapter One: Way Of The Dragon

“Oh, I’m so excited to see you in the new Academy!!!” A woman said.
“Mom…I’m fine to go alone. Please let me be!! I’m old enough to take care of myself, so stop treating me like a little child!!!”
Willis is one of the chosen people to possess a creature inside of him when he was little. He’s only sixteen years old, and old enough to head out to the newest academy: Zodiac Academy.
“Goodbye mom. I’m out on my own now!!!” Willis went out of his house with all of his stuff that he needed. “Finally, just a way to get out of that ‘jail cell’!!!” He thought, with a sigh. He was waiting for the right moment to get out of his house because of too much chores, arguing, and complaining from his brother, Robert.
Willis started to walk through the forest that separates from his house and the new academy. But he notices a strange feeling in him, like he just got out of a coma. But the feeling in him vanished.
“Huh???” Willis looked at the very tall building that is standing in front of him.
“So this is Zodiac Academy.” He observed the academy for a short while. “Well, here goes.” He walked to the academy.
Once he got into the inside of it, he saw a lot of newcomers, waiting to go into which dorm the person should go and stay. He also saw people in a three-man cell, with different kinds of bands to wear.
“Hmm, this is starting to become interesting.” Willis said to himself.
“You’re telling me!!!” Someone called out right beside Willis. Willis looked beside him and saw someone about his age.
“Oops, sorry to disturb you. My name is Jon. Please to meet you!” He held out his hand.
“The names Willis.” Willis shook his hand. “I guess you’re a newcomer like me, right?”
“Sure am. I came here cause of my unique creature in me. Mines is the Snake.” Jon said.
“Same here, but my creature is the Dragon.” Willis said, with a small smile.
“OUTTA MY WAY!!!!” Some one warned in a loud voice. The guy, about fourteen years, went through Willis and Jon at lightning speed.
“Huh???” Willis looked at him, confusingly.
“Oh, that’s Allen, but he prefers to anyone around him to call him ‘Shredder King’, cause of his ability to shred anything in his path. But his creature is the Lynx.” Jon explained.
“Ah. How about that girl and guy?” He pointed the black-haired guy and the blonde-haired girl.
“Oh, the black-haired is George. He has the Fox. Lee, the blonde-haired, has the Rooster. But make sure you beware of the Superior team called the ‘Black Phoenix’.” Jon informed.
“The ‘Black Phoenix’???” Willis questioned.
“Yes. It’s a very strong three-man cell. Consist of the three men: Temunji, Sai, and Hokuji. They are ranked Superior, the highest rank in this Academy.” Jon said.
“Hmm, challenging!!!” Willis said with a grin. Then, he observed a brown-haired girl, doing martial arts with incredible agility and grace. He watched her with such loving eyes. “Who is that girl??” Willis pointed to the girl doing martial arts.
“Oh, that’s Marie. Most of the guys around this academy has eyes on her cause of her martial arts ability, and the way she is looking. No reading on what creature she has, but it’s white though.” Jon answered.
“Hmm, white…and black. Wow, opposite colors, Light and Dark.” Willis smiled a big smile and looked at her.
But a high-pitched sounded through the intercom, causing everyone to cover their ears. “Everyone who came here is new must report to the Tournament Arena in one minute. Thank you!”
“Well, nice meeting you Willis, but I must head to the Arena. See ya there!” Jon ran towards the Tournament Arena. Willis just looked at him and nodded.
“Yep, guess I’ll be going to the Arena as well.” Willis started to walk to the Arena.
But he bumped into someone.
“Oof!!!” Someone said.
“Oops!! Sorry, I didn’t mean to-” He was dumbfounded when he saw the brown-haired girl he was looking at.
“I-it’s OK, I’m just a bit clumsy ya know.” She blushed.
Willis looked at her with a smile. “Oh, my names Willis, I’m new here.” He hold out a hand.
“Marie is my name, and I‘m new here as well. Glad to meet you Willis.” Marie smiled and shook his hand.
They looked at each other’s eyes, and blushed a little. But Marie blushed the most.
“Hey newcomer!!! Paws off of her!!!” A mysterious guy came to the two. Willis turned around and saw a black-haired guy, probably a little older than Willis.
“Who the hell are you?!” Willis said, with a disgusted face.
“Hmph, only Novices like you don’t know the Superior Ranked team leader of the Black Phoenix: Temunji.” He said in a snotty tone.
“Hmph, I’ve heard a few minutes ago. The names Willis.” He hold out a hand for Temunji to shake.
“Hah,” Temunji swatted Willis’s hand away. “Only Novices like you can make other people shake hands. But when you’re with a person ranked ‘Superior’, you must bow down!”
Willis just looked at him, disgusted.
“Guys, guys, guys, enough!!! No fighting here except the Arena.” Marie tried to separate the two.
“Hmm, I believe she’s right, Mr. Willis. Shall we both head to the Arena before we are late, Ms. Marie?” Temunji put his arm around Marie.
“Sorry, I’ve got other plans in my schedule. Willis, are you going to head for the Arena?” Marie looked at Willis, with a smile on her face.
“Yep, I‘m heading there right now. See ya!!!” Willis ran to the Arena.
As Willis got into the Arena, he started to look for a seat to sit and watch.
“Willis!!! Over here!!!” A familiar voice called him. It is Jon.
“Hey Jon!!” Willis sat next to Jon.
“Lee, Shredder King, George, this is Willis. He’s a newcomer as well.” Jon said.
“Hello.” They said.
“Hey, guys. So what do we do in this Arena?” Willis asked.
“We battled against a Journeyman ranked person, and try to win. Then the person shall see your progress and stats to see what rank and what team you should stand up to. But most newcomers start as a Novice. But if you lose, you are expelled and won’t come back until next year.” Lee said.
“Hmm, that’s a challenge. But I hope I get to be rank ‘Superior’.” Willis said with courage.
“Well, sadly, you can’t be rank ‘Superior’ too quickly.” George intended.
“You have to work your way up with a lot of battles in order to battle a ‘Superior’ rank person and you and your team will be ranked ‘Superior’.” Shredder King alleged.
“Oh…Well, I have a lot of battles to go forth.” Willis suggested.
“Jon, report to the Arena for your ranking.” Someone in the intercom called.
“Oh, my turn already? Howdy-do, this is cool!!!” Jon got up and went to the arena.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dark Tournaments   The Dark Tournaments Icon_minitimeSat May 16, 2009 4:46 pm

Willis just sighed, bored. “When will my turn come?” He thought.
“Oh, it’s you!” A sweet voice called.
“Huh???” Willis lifted his head up. He saw Marie, looking at him.
“Nice to see you again.” Marie said with a grin, and sat down beside him.
“Nice to see you too. So how are you today?” Willis asked.
“Doing a lot of stuff in my schedule. I’ve got a lot in my mind.” She said with a laugh.
“Hmm, you probably do. I bet it’s tough to do all of them at once.” Willis said, laughing as well.
“Yeah, it is.” She just smiled.
“Jon is rank ‘Warrior’, congratulations!” The person in the intercom sounded.
“Rank ‘Warrior’??” Willis queried.
“Warrior is a rank that is above Novice. Novice is the lowest rank in this academy. But it’s fun to be in battles. You get to be entertained and never get bored.” Marie said.
Willis emphatically looked at her, and smiled. Marie blushed when she looked at his eyes, ruby red.
“Marie, report to the Arena for your ranking.” Someone in the intercom called.
“My turn. Watch me battle and cheer me on!” Marie winked at him.
“OK, I’ll do that.” Willis agreed.
“Hey Jon.” Marie said and went to the Arena.
“Alright!!! I’m on Team Serpent.” Jon said. “Now I’ll be able to work my way up with my team to become ‘Superior’ rank!!”
Willis looked at him, smiled hypothetically, and shook his head.
“Like you said, ‘You have to win a lot of battles in order to become rank ‘Superior’’.” Willis said.
“Shh, watch Marie.” Jon sat down and watch.
“Ooh!!! That’s going to hurt on Marie!!! Looks like Zachary has a bigger advantage than Marie. What will she do???” Someone said in the intercom.
“C’mon Marie, you sure are a hot stuff in my eyes!!!” Zachary said in a sweet voice.
Marie struggles to stand up. “Shut up!!!” Marie tried to think of something to defeat Zachary.
“Marie!!! Use your move!!!” A voice called onto her head.
“Will do!!!” Marie said in your head. So, Marie stood up and some unique white aura appeared on her. Then a blast of power emerges and Marie created a cry of rage. Everyone stood amazed at Marie, but they were also amazed at the creature that appeared behind Marie.
Marie put both hands in front of her and a white orb appeared.
“Whoa…” Willis stared at her amazed.
“Tiger Creature of White!!!” Marie shouted as the orb grew bigger as the aura form in the orb. Then, she after all have enough energy to strike.
“Huh??” Zachary said as Marie started to run after him.
“Finishing Move!!!! WHITE TIGER STRIKE!!!!” Marie thrusted the orb onto Zachary and created a blast, powerful enough for Zachary to hit on the wall. But it did, Zachary slam onto the wall with great force. Everyone stood amazed and applauded Marie. Willis did as well.
“Marie is rank ‘Novice’. Keep on trying, but good job. You’re in Team White.” Someone in the intercom said.
“Oh well, at least I had some fun.” Marie smiled and walked back to her seat. She got her Team While band and put it on her forehead.
“Congrats, even though you’re rank ‘Novice’.” Willis said with a smile.
“Yeah, but I did my best.” Marie said, smiling and looking at Willis for a minute, while Willis looked at her, smiling.
“Man, you sure are-”
“Willis, report to the Arena for your ranking.” Someone in the intercom interrupted him.
“Well, it’s your turn. Good luck out there.” Marie smiled.
“Thanks.” Willis got up and walked to the Arena.
Willis got into the arena and saw a well-built guy, about twenty years old.
“C’mon you scrawny human!!! You should forfeit before the mighty Arcana!!!!” The guy said in his muscular voice.
“Shut up, and I’m not that scrawny!!!” Willis yelled. He watched Arcana running after him.
“GRAAAAHHHH!!!! Arcane jumped and was about to squash Willis.
“Uh-oh!!!” Willis jumped backwards really fast and with a large ‘BOOM’, Arcana slammed onto the ground.
“What happen you scrawny human, I thought you want to battle me!!!” Arcana said, with a hearty laugh.
“Heh, I was just warming up!!!” Willis said with enthusiasm He ran with excessive force and jumped.
“Huh?” Arcane said.
“Leg drop!!!” Willis kicked Arcana’s head with all of his strength. But Arcana grabbed his leg and whipped him away from him.
“GAH!!!” Willis landed on the ground. But he stood up fast an ran towards him. Then he twisted himself and used his kick to injure him, but whenever Willis tries to injure him, Arcana blocks himself, making a disadvantage to Willis’s kicks.
“Take this!!!!!” Arcana thrusted a punch and Willis tumbled down, wounded.
Everyone stand astounded at Willis.
“Hardy har har!!! You think you can defeat me?? HAH!!! Think again you scrawny human. No one shall defeat the one and only Great Arcana!!!” Arcana gave himself a half-hearted laugh.
“WILLIS!!!!!” A sudden yell sounded.
“Huh???” Willis said in his head, since he’s wounded to talk.
“I’m ready master!!!” A voice sounded in his head.
Willis started to get up, since he is still wounded.
“Well, are you still wanting more bruises????” Arcana smirked.
“Not…just yet!!! I still got one last attack……to push me forward!!!” Willis smiled and hold out both of his hands.
“What are you going to do, you scrawny human??” Arcana laughed.
“I’m going to unleash my Black Dragon!!!” A swarm of black aura appeared on him. The a gust of wind blown in the arena.
Before their very eyes, they saw the Black Dragon in person.
“Oh my Dratits!!!!” Marie is astounded to see the Black Dragon, a counter part to her White Tiger.
“It’s true!!! The legend of the Black Dragon is real????” Arcana stood amazed.
The black aura came in front of Willis and formed a black orb. At that time, all of the aura from the Black Dragon formed into the orb.
“GRRRRRAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! Willis charged after Arcana. “THIS IS FOR YOU MARIE!!!!” Willis yelled.
Marie stood with a wide smile in her face.
“FINISHING MOVE!!!! BLACK DRAGON STRIKE!!!!!” Willis thrusted his black orb onto Arcana’s heart and pummeled onto the wall where Marie made Zachary slam onto the wall.
“Whoa…” Marie looked at Willis with her eyes wide opened.
“Hmm, very competitive to the naked eye. But I hope he will be in a lower rank than I.” Temunji said to his teammates, Sai and Hokuji.
Everyone applauded to Willis for an astounding performance.
“Willis is rank ‘Novice’. Good job but you need a little work of your less injury tactic. You‘re in Team Black.” The person in the intercom said.
“WHAT?! WHAT A RIP OFF!!” Willis yelled. “Oh well. Better than being expelled” He walked away from the arena and went to sat down.
“Stunning performance, Willis.” Marie complimented.
“Oh, thank you.” Willis said softly.
“Hey Marie!!!” Someone said.
“Oh, that’s my team and I’m the leader of the team. It’s cool the newcomers can be the leader of the team if you chose to be one. Well,” Marie kissed him on the cheek. “See ya!!” Marie went to her team of White.
Willis putted his hand where Marie kissed him. He smiled, with love in him.
“Hey, are you Willis???” Someone called him.
“Yes.” Willis looked at two guys, about his age.
“Hello, my name is Takashi.” One said.
“And the names Eric.” The other one said.
“Nice to meet you. So where is our room?” Willis asked.
“Follow us!!! We know where it is.” They both said in unison. Willis looked at them with confusion But the two ran, while Willis just walked.
As they got into the hallway of rooms, one door is opening up.
“-And I’ll make sure y-” Someone bumped onto Willis and fell.
“Oh, you OK?” Willis helped her, but when she lifted her face, both of their eyes grew wide.
“Oh, h-hey Willis!!!” Marie stuttered.
“Hey Marie, so you go to this room?” Willis asked.
“Yep, and it’s white inside. Pure white.” Marie laughed, then she closed her door.
“Yeah, I’m in the Black Team. But it’s weird that you have a White Tiger and I have the Black Dragon. Yin and Yang.” Willis smiled.
“Yeah, it is weird. The good and the evil. Your eyes are red and my eyes are blue. The Light and the Dark.” Marie smiled as well.
They both laughed at the differences of them.
“I was about to tell you something since the ranking.” Willis came closer to her.
Marie leaned against the door. “Well, what is it?” Marie said softly.
“You’re really cute. You truly are.” Willis said in his gentle voice, the put his hand on her side of her face..
Marie blushed, but smiled. “Thanks.”
“No, thank you…” Willis leaned on her and kissed her lips. “I better find my teammates. See ya.” He winked and went to find Takashi and Eric.
Marie blushed bright and went out.
“TAKASHI!!! ERIC!!!” Willis yelled.
“Over here!” Eric’s voice sounded.
Willis looked at his room and notices that his room is next to Marie’s.
“Heh, this will be one great time in this academy!!!” Willis said to himself before he went in his room.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dark Tournaments   The Dark Tournaments Icon_minitimeSat May 23, 2009 3:14 pm

Chapter Two: Love of a Tiger

“Damn, this is boring…anything good around here???” Willis complained, trying to find some good episodes to watch on TV.
“Well, there is the Food Channel.” Eric suggested.
“Or the Video Game Channel.” Takashi recommended.
“No, and no!!!” Willis answered.
“Crap!!” Takashi and Eric snapped their fingers at the same time. The two are playing their games on their Nintendo DS.
“Ugh, boy I wish I can be with that one girl.” Willis said putting his head on his hands.
“What girl?” Eric asked.
“She’s in the White Team, rank ‘Novice’ like us. Her name is Marie. She has the spirit of the White Tiger.” He let out a sigh. “God damn it she’s so cute.”
“Cute???” Takashi and Eric went to where Willis is sitting.
“Is she dashing???” Eric asked.
“Is she out-of-sight???” Takashi asked.
“No and no!!! She’s very energetic, nice, and kind.” Willis answered. “But mostly cute!!!”
“Ooh!!! Willis got a girlfriend!!!” Takashi and Eric said in harmony.
Willis got mad. “She’s not my girlfriend!!!!!! He said aloud.
In the White Team’s room, Marie heard Willis’s voice through the wall.
“I wonder what is going on next door.” A girl name Lisa said.
“Are those people boys???” A guy name Kendo said
“Guys, it’s probably some team that likes to have fun.” Marie said.
They all heard a knock on their door.
“I’ll get it!!” Lisa said in her sing-song voice. She opened the door and saw a black-haired guy.
“Is Marie here?” He said.
“Uhh, Marie. Some guy wants you!!” Lisa said to Marie.
“Who can that be?” Marie said, disgruntled. She went to the door and saw Temunji. She closed the door behind her.
“Hello, Ms. Marie.” He said in a sweet voice.
“Uhh, who are you and how did you know me???” Marie said.
“Ah, first, I’m Temunji, Superior rank, leader of the Black Phoenix team. And second, many guys around this school have witness your beauty, and attractiveness. You’re definitely the kind I want to go out with.” He said with a sweet smile.
“Whoa, why waste a date??” Marie stopped him.
In Willis’s room, he hears Marie’s voice.
“I’ll be getting some air for a little while. I’ll be back.” Willis went out of the room and saw Temunji as well.
“Hey!!!” Willis yelled, that caught Temunji’s attention.
“Willis!!!!” Marie ran to him and hugged him.
“You again!!!” Temunji said.
Willis was too busy hugging Marie, feeling soft and calm.
“You feel so soft Marie…” Willis said in a subtle voice.
Marie just blushed, and felt soft as well.
“HEY NOVICE!!!!!” Temunji yelled. Willis looked at him.
“Oh, it’s you, that Superior ranked guy.” Willis said, uninterested.
“It’s Temunji!!! And you got a hold of my Marie!!!” He yelled.
“Pfft!!! Your Marie??? I don’t see your name on her!!!” Willis said.
“She will have my name on her!!! Once I asked her on a date!!!” Temunji protested.
“You?? Going on a date with me???” Marie said. “Look, there is some guy that is exactly my type of guy!!!”
“Well, who is the guy???” Temunji said.
“Sorry, I can’t tell you. You just have to figure it out, once I’m rank ‘Dragon Lord’!!! And the ‘Dragon Lord’ rank is the second rank followed by ‘Superior’ at number one.”
“D-D-Dragon Lord??? Yes way you can be a ‘Dragon Lord’!!! You have the magnificence of a majesty!!! Then, when I’m a ‘Superior’ rank again for the second time, and when you turn into the ‘Dragon Lord‘ rank, I can have your hand in marriage!!!” Temunji said, over-excited.
“Like I said, Temunji, I like a guy that is my type, but when I turn into ‘Dragon Lord’ rank, I’ll tell you who the person is.” Marie said.
“Yes, I shall wait ‘til then, for your answer.” Temunji smiled a amorous smile at Marie.
Willis hold Marie close to him and growled under his breath.
“Don’t get so persnickety at her, Mr. Willis. There’s other guys waiting to get a hold of her. All they want is her, not any other girl, just Ms. Marie.” Temunji pointed at Marie.
“Marie will be mine!!!! I don’t care if any guy will take her away from me!!!! I’m the one that will protect her and make sure she’s safe!!!!” Willis yelled, holding Marie closer to him.
Marie blushed.
“Heh, you’re so pitiable!!! Thinking that you might win Young Marie’s heart??? HAH!!! Don’t make me laugh. Only a fool of a Novice like you can’t have something that is precious like Ms. Marie!!!” Temunji opposed.
“I’m no fool of a Novice. I got trustworthy in me. No one shall call me a fool, unless they are my best friend!!!” Willis yelled.
“Best……Friend???” Temunji said the words Willis said. Then he smiled, but it came out a snicker.
“What’s so funny, Temunji???” Marie said, which stopped Temunji’s laughter. “I thought you might make me a fool since I’m a Novice like Willis.”
Temunji stopped snickering, surprised.
“Well?” Marie smirked.
“But you’re beyond a fool, your more than a fool. You’re really precious to me. I want you to become my queen of Zodiac Academy when I’m a ‘Superior’ and you’re a ‘Dragon Lord’!!!” Temunji said in his calm and sweet voice.
“Queen!!!!! HELL NO!!!” Willis yelled very loud with protest. He hold Marie very close to him so Temunji won’t get her. “There’s no way in hell for you to make Marie your queen!!!” He growled.
“Oh really??? Then let’s settle it in the Tournament Arena. No!!! I have a better idea. How about having a ‘Dark Tournament’ right at the arena, right now!!!” Temunji suggested.
Willis smiled. “With pleasure!!!”
“Good, but if I win, you should never go near Ms. Marie again, AND, you must bow down before your ‘Superior’ intellect!!!” Temunji said.
“Fine!!! But if I win, you will never speak of or look of Marie. NEVER!!!” Willis said.
“Hmph, I thought you would never say that. So let’s have our battle!!!” Temunji shouted. “Right this way, and tell your cell to come along as well.” Temunji went to the Arena.
“Willis…” She buried her face on his shirt. “What should I do!!!” She cried.
“Shh…it’s OK.” He lifted her face up. “Don’t worry, I’ll be here. You know I will. And besides, I’ll always protect you from Temunji, and stay by your side.” Willis smiled.
Marie looked at him, and smiled a great smile. “Thank you.” She hugged him tight. She let go and went to inform her team about a battle coming on.

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PostSubject: Re: The Dark Tournaments   The Dark Tournaments Icon_minitimeSat May 23, 2009 3:25 pm

Temunji is waiting at the arena for Willis to arrive.
Willis’s and Marie’s team came along. Even Temunji’s team are with him.
“Hmm, glad you came, Mr. Willis. And even the wonderful Ms. Marie. Welcome to the Dark Tournament Arena, where the tournaments of the most skilled people are battled here to go to the top to be ‘Superior’.” Temunji introduced them to the arena.
“Very spacey.” Kendo said. Kendo is about a year younger than Marie, but is Marie’s best friend ever since he and Lisa met with their leader. He’s only interested into helping his friends. He’s one of the few guys that are not interested into Marie, but is friends with her. Kendo possesses the Dog Spirit.
“Yes, it is spacey. That’s why we have to enlarge the area for the contenders to battle with space around them.” Sai said. Sai is one of Temunji’s best friends and teammate of the Black Phoenix. He is very mysterious to the other teammates in the Academy. Sai possesses the Black Lion Spirit.
“Hmm. I bet this will be a great arena in the tournaments!!!” Takashi recommend. Takashi is kind and well mannered. But he loves to play video games a lot. But if he’s not playing games, he helps his leader and teammates if they are in need. Takashi possesses the Mongoose Spirit.
“Maybe…but we have to wait until the tournaments come in the next few weeks.” Lisa pointed out. Lisa is very nice but mostly a great brawler, and Marie‘s best friend. Has the strength of the strongest man in the world. But she mostly uses her strength for certain reasons. Lisa possesses the Robin spirit.
“Next week!!!??? GAH!!!” Eric called out. Eric is a plump, or couch potato. He mostly eats, but uses his weight to squash his opponents. He possesses the Hippo Spirit.
“Well, looks like you have to wait until than!!! HA HA!!!” Hokuji laughed. Hokuji is another teammate and best friend of Temunji. He’s a well-built man, about six feet and five inches tall. He can crush his enemies with a single punch or stomp. He possesses the Black Gorilla Spirit.
“OK guys, enough chit-chat and let’s battle.” Temunji said, with a smile. Temunji is now Willis’s enemy. Leader of the ‘Superior’ ranked Black Phoenix, and a formidable ability to become a great leader, but lacks of calming down his anger. Has his eyes set on Marie to be his queen if he claims ‘Superior’ for the second time. But mostly a worst player to others. Possesses the Black Phoenix.
“Do your best Willis. I don’t want to separate from you!!! Please win this for me!!!” Marie demanded, softly. Marie is the most popular girl in the academy. She is kind, energetic, trustworthy, and helpful, but lacks getting entertain if there is nothing good to do. She has a dream to become rank ‘Dragon Lord’ in order to pick out a guy to go out with. With amazing agility and grace in her, all of the guys are eyeing on her. There is one type of guy she likes, but that’s a mystery. Possesses the White Tiger of Light.
“I will. Don’t you worry.” Willis kissed her forehead and went to the arena. Willis is the formidable player in the academy, but with a lack of being entertained on his own. He has a crush on Marie ever since he saw her when he first came to Zodiac academy. He really wants to win her heart, and wants him and his team to be claim ‘Superior’. Possesses the Black Dragon of Darkness.
“Shall we begin the battle, Mr. Willis?” Temunji said with a crooked smile.
“Hmph, I’m always ready for a battle. Even with a loser like you to be challenged!!!” Willis said.
“Hey!!! Never say that to the Superior Ranked!!!” Hokuji yelled. But Temunji held up his hand.
“Patience and quietness, please?” Temunji said. His teammates walked out of the arena. Temunji smiled and wait for Willis to enter the arena.
“Be careful, Willis…” Marie seems worried.
“OK, let’s get this show on the road.” Willis said, with just a glance at Temunji.
“With pleasure, Mr. Willis. And I will be happy to take little Ms. Marie away from you, forever!!!” Temunji said with a smirk.
“No you won’t!!!!” Willis charged in. As he was about to punch his opponents face, Temunji moved to the side and made Willis ran past him.
“HAH!!!! What was that!!!!” Temunji snickered. “Was that a charge-in punch? What a predicament!!!!”
Willis stood up and just smiled. “Hmph, that was a warm-up. The next one will make sure you haven’t been here!!!”
“Come at me, Mr. Tough Guy!!! Temunji signaled him to bring it on.
Willis kept on charging onto him and kept on missing.
“Is he humorless about going against a powerful opponent like Temunji? I mean, look at him!!!” Eric said, pointing at Temunji.
“He’s not humorous to me, that’s for sure.” Kendo said.
“But he is battling against him to see who will have the girl.” Eric pointed out.”
“Hmm, you’ve got a point there.” Lisa said. “Even though Marie is the ‘eye of attention’, it would be an eyesore to her to chose a man she loves.”
“But Marie said a while ago that there’s a certain guy she likes.” Takashi stated.
Everyone’s eyes are wide. They all looked at Marie, which seems worried about Willis.
“Gah!!” Willis cried out when he fell for the thirty-fourth time.
“This is getting boring.” Temunji let out a sigh. “For this boring Novice,” He holds out his hand above Willis, which forms a Black Fire Orb. “I shall kill you.” Temunji starts to attack.
Marie was shocked at what she is seeing. As Temunji was about to release his Black Flame Orb on Willis, something stopped him. Willis, which has his eyes closed, opened his eyes and saw Marie, moved his arm away from Willis. Willis grew amazed.
“W-W-What…are you doing???” Temunji grunted.
“Marie…” Willis thought to himself.
“I don’t want anyone fighting in order who would talk to me or not. I want everything to be peaceful and everyone start being nice.” Marie explained.
Temunji got his arm back and walked away. “I will become a nice person…once Willis learned that you can accept my ‘Superior’ Rank.” Willis and his team walked away.
“Crap, I can’t believe him.” Willis grew mad. “He will get respect once I defeat him for ‘Superior’ Rank.” He growled.
“Willis, please lose your temper.” Marie said. “It’s better to wait until I’m a ‘Dragon Lord’ for me to tell who I love.” She said with a smile.
Willis agreed her and stood up. “Yep, It’s best to wait until then.” He hugged her, tenderly.
“Willis…” Marie sounded. “I can tell you who I love.”
Willis felt shocked on what Marie said. “I won’t tell a soul.” He nodded.
“Ok.” Marie whispered something in his ear, which made Willis blush and more surprised. “R-Really?” He stuttered.
Marie blushed really bright. “True as ever. I never lie.” She smiled and rested her head on his shoulder.
“Thank you, Marie.” Willis hugged her more tenderly.
“Ahem…” Someone interrupted them. “We have to get back into our dorms.” It was Lisa, warning them.
“Ok. Well, see you later Willis.” Marie smiled and went with her team.
“Soooooo Willis.” Eric and Takashi said, curiously. “What did Marie said in your ear?”
Willis just looked at him.
“She just wish me luck in the tournaments.” He lied. Then he walked off.
As Willis got to his dorm door, he was thinking of what Marie has whispered to him.
“The guy that I love the most………Is you, Willis. I really love you very deeply. I want to be with you, forever.”
Willis leaned on his door and slide to sit on the floor. The quote kept on making him more blushed.
“She loves me. She really loves me. I can’t believe this. All this time, she kept on being on my back and encouraging me, she really loves me.” Willis thought, his heart pounding like crazy.
"Master, are you alright? You seem to have been heart warming by something.” The Black Dragon inside of him asked.
“Black Dragon, the love of a certain girl…has warm my heart with her love.” Willis let out a loving sigh.
“I see, but you’re not the only one who has felt this warm feeling. The White Tiger that I saw, I felt really warm and…relaxing.” The Black Dragon let out a sigh as well.
“That’s love my Spirit. That’s love.” Willis looked at the ceiling with love in his eyes.
“Yes Master. It is love. Love in the air.” The Black Dragon agreed.
A security camera caught sight of what Willis and Marie are talking about. Hokuji caught sight of them.
"Boss, I just notice that Marie like Willis. Shall I do something about it?" Hokuji said.
"No, I'll make sure I'll never make Mr. Willis make Ms. Marie get a hold of her. Eventually." Temunji said with a smirk.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dark Tournaments   The Dark Tournaments Icon_minitimeSat Jun 20, 2009 6:47 pm

Chapter Three: Rivalry to Devastate

“Willis!” A sudden voice called out.
“Five more minutes, please…” Willis mumbled as he sleep.
“WILLIS!!!” A voice yelled in his ear. Willis jumped and went off his bed, with a thump.
“Ouch. What the hell!!!” Willis yelled. He saw Takashi and Eric standing, looking at him.
“Come on, Willis.” Eric alerted. “We have class today and you don’t want us to be late!”
“Class? Crap, just what I need.” Willis mumbled.
“Don’t worry boss,” Takashi said. He now calls Willis ‘boss’. “We have only five minutes to get ready.” He added with a slight grin.
“Glad! Now I need to get dress.” Willis made up his bed and try to find clothes to wear. But instead, he likes to have the same clothing everyday. He snagged some of the same outfit before he came to Zodiac Academy. He put on his clothes on, then put his team headband on and ran out of the room.
“Class! Here I c-” Someone shoved Willis onto the floor, face first.
“Sorry!” Someone yelled, running to his class.
Willis got up, fuming. “Why, when I get my hands on that-” Willis hold up his fist while his face is raging in. But he caught the sight of Marie and her team coming out of their room.
“What happen?” Kendo said, his voice seem calm.
“It’s probably Allen. He likes to trample other people while he runs.” Marie said.
“Hello, Ms. Marie.” A polite, dark, and familiar voice sounded out. It was Temunji.
“Why that no good son-of-a-” Willis argued.
“Would you like to have this token of me taking you to class, Ms. Marie?” Temunji asked, politely, with his hand out.
Willis grew more angry than ever, and is about to punch Temunji.
“Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll walk on my own. With my team of course.” Marie answered.
Willis sighed in relief and calmed down. Then he went to them.
“Maybe I shall take you.” Willis called out.
“Ah, Mr. Willis. I believe Ms. Marie is unable to let anyo-”
“I’d love to, Willis.” Marie suggested. Willis looked at her, blushing bright red.
“But, I-I thought you-” Temunji stammered.
“I may change my mind.” Marie suggested, with a neutral look on her face.
“So you like this guy more?” Temunji said, darkly.
“He’s only my friend.” Marie corrected him.
“Well, that’s a relief. But I still want you to become my queen of Zodiac Academy.” Temunji offered.
“Like I said, there’s a certain guy that I like, and I won’t tell anyone until I’m ranked ‘Dragon Lord’!” Marie pointed out what she said the other day.
“Oh, I’m sorry Ms. Marie. Carry on. And, Mr. Willis…” Temunji called to Willis.
“What do you want?” Willis asked in disgust.
“I still notice that neither of us won last night’s Dark Tournament match. Because of Ms. Marie.” Temunji recalled the last night’s fight between him and Willis.
Willis seems to remember when Marie caught Temunji’s arm when he was about to use his attack on Willis. She doesn’t like anyone fighting over her. “Yes, I did remember last night. When Marie stopped your attack.” Willis smirked a smirk.
“Yes, yes, I do recall that too often in my memory.” Temunji said. “But how about rematch, tonight?”
Willis winced from the offer that he made. He was about to tell him no. But…
A ferocious roar sounded out in their heads. They flinched for a brief second. They turned and saw that the roar came from the White Tiger, Marie’s creature.
“Whoa, nice roar of your Tiger, Ms. Marie.” Temunji complimented.
“I don’t care about that. I don’t want another fight between you and Willis. I don’t like people fighting over me. You’re just too overwhelming on me, Temunji.” Marie said, with rage in her eyes.
“Wow, I didn’t know Marie has it in her.” Willis thought, blushing a little.
“Let’s get going. We are going to be late.” Marie turned and walked away . Willis caught up to her and followed her to class.
“You Ok, Marie?” Willis said softly. Marie looked at him.
“Kind of. But I hate it when Temunji is trying to impress me too much. That’s what I like about you: you don’t try to fight over me, you try your best to make every guy stop looking at me and know that there are other girls in here. You’re willing to have me, and protect me, no matter what cause will do to me.” Marie said, grinning and blushing.
Willis was dumbfounded at the way Marie was saying to him. He looked at her, blushing as we.
“Come on. We should head to class, Willis. We don’t want ourselves to get in trouble for being late.” Marie said, smiling. She went to Willis and kissed him on his face, then went on to class. Willis became surprised from her. He smiled, blushed, and went on running.
As he got into class, he was flabbergasted that the teacher isn’t in the classroom yet. He looked around and saw a lot of Novices, including George, Lee, Jon, Allen, and their teams. He saw the same guy that trampled him: Allen. He walked up the wooden stairs and went to Jon.
“Hey Jon, George, Lee, Allen.” Willis said, waving to them.
“Hey Willis. Come join us.” Jon offered with a grin. Jon is a well-mannered person with a calm personality. He possesses the Snake spirit and is the leader of Team Serpent.
“Jon, it doesn’t matter if he will sit with us or not.” George moaned. George has a bad attitude problem. He constantly gets into trouble too often but when in battle, he gets serious. But he’s too lazy to do anything. He possesses the Fox Spirit, and is on Team Serpent with Jon.
“Oh, quiet you, George.” Lee said, politely. Lee is a smart teenage girl with an I.Q. of 152. She barely get mad at anyone around her. Lee has a knack of being friendly to people around her Well… She possesses the Rooster spirit, and is in Team Serpent with Jon and George.
Lastly is Allen. He acts like a Lynx Kitten, which is his Creature Spirit. He is the Leader of Team Lynx.
“Okay. I’ll sit by you.” Willis agreed with Jon. His team sat next to him. As they sat down, they saw more people came form ranks Novice to Superior. They even saw Temunji’s team.
“WHAT?!?” Willis cried out, angrily. “How can that low-life jerk be in here?!” He yelled.
“Settle down, boss. You don’t want our team to lose experience points.” Takashi said.
“‘Experience points’?” Willis questioned.
“Yes, we gain experience for how we behave, work, and also battle in the Dark Tournaments or in a regular battle. We lose points if we fail our work, misbehave, and lose a battle. If all of you experience points are taken away, you’ll be expelled form this academy until next year. But we have to get enough points to go up a grade.” Eric explained.
“And I thought I left my booklet at home.” Willis laughed.
“Willis, this is serious. We need more points to move up a rank. Then we can reach our goal to become ‘Superior’ Ranked.” Takashi recommended.
“You’re right.” Willis nodded. As he looked at the rest of the classmates, he notice a shimmering, brown haired girl coming in.
It’s Marie.
All of the guys, except Jon, Allen, Takashi, and Eric, were eyeballing at her, Marie walked up the stairs to her seat, and is disgusted about the guys looking at her.
“Hey, good looking! Come sit by me and I’ll keep you company!” A guy winked at her. His name is Rico.
“Uh, N-N-No thank you.” Marie stammered and kept on walking to her seat.
“Aw, come on, sugar. I don’t bite. I just want to comfort you.” Rico stood up and blocked her way.
“Please, I don’t want any trouble from you. I need to get to m-”
“Why rush? You’re a kind of girl that would make me go jiggy on you!” Rico licked his lips.
Marie gulped in fear, having a static sensation in her spine. She stood back to get away from Rico, but Rico got a hold of her arm. He pulled her and hold her tight.
“AH!” Marie is trapped in the clutches of Rico.
“Now, let me show you how I get jiggy with you!!” Rico hold up his arm, but someone behind stopped his arm from going any further.
“Hey, she said ‘Please’!!” It is Willis.
“Who the hell are you?!” Rico’s disgusted voice sounded.
Willis lowered his head a little. “The names Willis. I’m a Novice Ranked and I’m the lead of Team Black. And you, on the other hand, got a hold of an innocent, young woman. I’d advise you to let her go before trouble breaks loose.” Willis alerted.
“Feh, the names Rico, I’m ranked Champion, third rank from Novice. I’m the leader of Team Komodo. And I’d advise you to stay away from my business.” Rico answered back.
“I’d advise all of you to sit down and quit arguing or both of you will be in big trouble.” Someone said to the two arguing boys. It’s a teacher name Mr. Barns.
“He started it!!!” Rico lied, pointing at Willis.
“Mr. Willis?” Mr. Barns turned to Willis.
“Sir, I didn’t start it. This person,” He points to Rico. “Was about to attack her.” He, then, pointed to Marie, who got out of Rico’s grip.
“Lies, ALL LIES!!” Rico yelled, lying again.
“Mr. Rico?” Mr. Barns turned to the deceitful Rico.
“Willis over here tried to hit Marie while I was trying to protect her. I was minding my own business, then I saw her walking past me until he was starting to sweet talking into her to be his bride. Then, I stepped in and protected her with all my heart and soul out.” Rico lied, turned to sneer at Willis so Mr. Barns couldn’t see.
“Well, Mr. Willis, it seems you have to lose some of y-”
“Excuse me, Mr. Barns?” Marie’s calm voice highlighted.
“Yes, Ms. Marie?? I see you’re the one who might know.” Mr. Barns turned to Marie.
Marie nodded. “Willis did tell the truth. I was walking to my seat, minding my own business. Until, Rico here,” She turned to Rico with a scowl, then turned back. “Stated pushing me into sitting down with him. I said ‘no thanks’. But he didn’t listen. He got out of his seat amd grabbed my arm as I started to move back. When he was about to touch me, Willis,” She blushed when she mentioned Willis’s name. “Got his arm and told him to let go. But Rico refuses to let go.” Marie ceased with a bow
“My, my, my, Ms. Marie. You really did tell the truth. I can even tell. You’re safe, Mr. Willis.” Mr. Barns nodded to Willis.
Willis heave a sigh. Then he sat down to his seat.
“And as for you, Mr. Rico. You and your team loses 15 experience points for lying, and harassing a young woman.” Mr. Barns concluded.
“B-But-” Rico stammered.
“No ‘buts’, Mr. Rico. Ok, everyone, to your seats, We are starting class off by opening…”
“You’re going to regret this this, Willis. Marie will be mine!” Rico sneered as he turned around to see Willis behind her.
Marie, that sat right beside Willis, looked at him with a show of displeasure. “Sorry, I already like a certain type of guy. And I won’t tell you until I’m ranked ‘Dragon Lord’.” Marie identify, with a repulsive tone in her voice.
“I’ll battle you!” A voice exclaimed to challenge Marie. It’s Allen with the voice.
“Allen, not right now. I’m too busy to battle you at this moment.” Marie answered.
“No, I meant after class!” Allen corrected her.
“No, you can battle me first!’ Willis stepped up. Marie looked at him, flushed.
“Will do new opponent, but you better beware, of my Lynx Spirit!!” Allen be flippant.
“Yeah, I’ll beware, after you compacted me this morning. You almost broken my nose!!” Willis scoffed.
“I said I was sorry. Damn, can you accept an apology?” Allen said.
“I’ll take you both on to see who will take the girl! How’s that??” Rico challenged with a scorn tone.
“Sorry, but that’s not going to happen, Retard!!” Willis said, making fun of Rico’s name, just for the hell of it.
“Grrrrr, that’s it!!! After class, you two, and me, triple threat battle, in the battle arena. Be there, or it’s curtains for you, Willis.” Rico alleged to Willis and Allen.
Willis and Allen both nodded in unison. Rico turned around and continued to listen to Mr. Barns.
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The Dark Tournaments
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