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 The Journey of Piracy

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PostSubject: The Journey of Piracy   Sat Jun 20, 2009 9:10 am

Ahoy Mateys!!! Avast ye to sail the seven seas for the treasurrre. Arr!! Ye must sail with ye pirate crew to search fur the Ultimate treasurre. Ye needs to sign in ye old sign sheet, and find people to be in yer pirate crew. Here is ye sign sheet and make thee sure to sign thar:

Name (Real or Made Up):

Age (Real or Made Up):

Name Of Crew:

Number Of Crew Members (Minimum of Cool:

Pirate Crews Name: ~Minimum Number Determines The Amount of People You Choose~


Name of Pirate Ship (Example: Merry Go Like Luffy's)(Optional):

Pirate Ship (If you can find one):

Rank (There can only be one Captain, no fighting over this):


Arr!!! Look at me sign up sheet, if ye wants to:

Name: Crimson Flare

Age: 16

Name Of Crew: The Crimson Ninja Pirates

Number Of Crew Members: 5

Pirate Crews Name: ~Will Be Updated During Voyage~

Appearance: ~Will Be Updated~

Name of Pirate Ship: Crimson Warriors

Pirate Ship: ~Will Be Update~

Rank: Captain

Bio: Crimson Flare is originally named Holly Patterson, until her family's death from a rouge pirate. The rouge pirate left Crimson alive for her to sail and battle for the ultimate prize. Now, she is old enough to take care of her own and go into the sea to search for the rouge pirate who killed her entire family, and claim the prize to donate to her village called Goza Village. But first, she must find a crew and a ship.

Avast to the seven seas and go on ye journey to yarr search for a crew, pirate ship, and claim the ultimate treasurre. ONWARD MATEYS!!!! SET SAIL!!!
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The Journey of Piracy
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